Sense Engineering started with two guys coming together with a common goal, to provide client centric consulting engineering services. We have a culture of being nimble, listening to and working very closely with our clients to best suit their needs, and creating great relationships founded on trust and value.

At Sense Engineering we put our client’s needs above our own. We strive to fully understand our clients and their needs and immediately start walking through solutions (sensible solutions). We are direct and honest with our clients. We explain things in clear and simple terms. We strive to maintain clients over the long term, clients we establish deep relationships with, and clients who treat Sense Engineering as real partners and trusted team members. At Sense Engineering we enjoy working with our clients and they enjoy working with us, which makes the work more rewarding.

This approach to consulting allows us to more effectively serve and help our clients in meaningful ways, and our clients say so…

“We greatly appreciate the efforts Sense Engineering made to understand our building and the Strata Corporation’s needs in preparing our Depreciation Report. Sense Engineering did a fine job of turning the mystery of our building into a readable understandable document, and maintaining a high level of professional expertise. We were in awe of their speed and ability to listen and incorporate our suggestions throughout the process. I would not hesitate in recommending Sense Engineering to others. They were an absolute pleasure to work with.” – Iris McEwen, The Symphony, North Vancouver, Strata Council President
“Many thanks Sense Engineering! We knew you had an excellent reputation at the outset of the project, but the quality of your work, your availability, speed of delivery and your courteous nature exceeded our already high expectations. Sense Engineering really saved the day for us and we would recommend you to anyone in need of the services you provide.” – Bernie Ross, CEO, Nature Clean
“SHARE Family & Community Services had a terrific experience with Sense Engineering. Sense responded to our need for a building inspection promptly, professionally and courteously. We received the information that we needed, in language that we could understand, which helped us make an informed decision. Thank you for your great service!”  Martin Wyant, Chief Executive Officer, SHARE Family & Community Services
“I just did a walk around with a home inspector who was at our building on behalf of an interested buyer of one of the suites. The inspector was talking about our Depreciation Report that Sense Engineering did for us and he kept commenting about the high quality and depth of the report. He said that he must read about 40-50 Depreciation Reports a month as part of his work and yours is amongst the best he’s ever read. Quote “My god, they even did the chain drag in the garage”. Kudos to Sense Engineering.” – Steve Brown, Vista Royal, New Westminster, Strata Council Representative